500 Confessions E-Book $10


Inside this book you’ll find insights that have been drawn from solving life’s problems, answers that have been inspired from questions that so many people ask, messages of encouragement to make you feel so much better and words of wisdom to help you “remember” your own inner guidance.

Out Of The Worst Relationship, Came The Best Result:

Not so long ago, a relationship which was incredibly loving, spontaneous and fun suddenly changed into something quite different. I found myself writing to find comfort, clarity and stability.

Born from the turmoil were insights, each received easily, quickly and effortlessly as I was given answers to other peoples questions as well as my own.

Early on I could see in my mind the cover of a best-selling book, I was given the format, the words kept being drawn through me, the writing was inspired and people were asking for more. One man requested to be able to purchase the writings in print, digitally and audibly and even specified where he wanted to be able to purchase them from.

There have been SO MANY requests that, from its conception, the writings had already taken on a life of their own. 

It was created because I needed it and YOU asked for it. So I will step aside and let the words speak for themselves, let the message be what resonates, let the writings be what encourages others to find their own insight and let the confessions be the catalyst for alignment … not the author!



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