Leading Myself To The Light FREE

LIFE IS MEANT TO BE EASY, AND FUN, AND EXCITING, AND FREE … and this easy to read mini book contains the most simple yet attitude changing statements that might help you feel better, wake you up, reaffirm what you already know or have you nodding your head in agreement.

I’m not here to sell you anything, to post affiliate links or to get you to sign up on a mailing list. Nor am I going to pretend that this book is normally worth $24.95 and you are blessed to get it for free … I didn’t write this because I thought you needed to read it, I wrote this to benefit me … and adopting the attitudes contained in this series of uplifting statements has helped me live a much happier life, created income out of thin air and renewed every relationship I’ve ever had, especially the relationship I have with myself!

I found simple ways to significantly improve the quality of my life in all areas, easily, effortlessly, speedily and with so many laughs along the way. I found inner fulfilment beyond my wildest dreams. I didn’t need to change my location, my mate, my job or win the lottery … it was much easier than that … I just changed ME!

“From falling in love to achieving success. From making money to changing the world. From solving other peoples’ problems to what makes a relationship really work. It’s all here, waiting patiently for you to receive it.”


There are no instructions or processes, no guidelines or steps, just a few simple words that might free your mind, lighten the load, get you back on track and take you closer, to where you really want to go. Enjoy! ~ From the author of 500 Confessions

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