Since the conception of “500 Confessions” directly on the pages of facebook, it’s received thousands of comments, requests and testimonials. Here’s just a snippet of what other people are saying …

You are an angel planting wisdom in the humans heart … Thanks! – Yármila Durand

Wonderful … so simple … really … no long complicated rules or steps … just easy to understand concepts … glorious! – Shanti Zimmermann (Life Coach)

Thanks for your confessions. You know, your confessions are going to be my affirmations. – Shaukat Charania

You articulate what it is to live a peaceful existence within ourselves here. Very profound! Keep sharing your gift. – Ley-Ann Clarke (Results Coach at Anthony Robbins Companies)

I love your confessions … they sing ! I feel the energy of your comet essence streaking through the universe. – Jo Gillies (Principal at Archisoul Architects)

Every time I read you I grow spiritually … it is as if I take that one word or two and slowly I let them sink in … thanks for your sharing you intimate self with us …” – Patrizia Rampone

This is indeed a Life prayer? Thanks Elizabeth! Your words are a blessing. – Sunitha Choudhry (Interior Designer)

I am here to thank you for all the wonderful things you write and with all those words you have helped me grow mentally to a better level … a level where I could not imagine myself sometimes ago … I am happy with who I am … – Hina V Chaudhary (Researcher at Barkatullah University, Bhopal)

You so eloquently capture through written word my very thoughts and feelings. Thank you for the work you do and share here … – Lucy Bordonaro

Your confessions always bring me into the vortex … I just love them so much, and I love you so much. Keep confessing … I just like the feelings of ‘high’ your confessions provide. – Zetty Zakaria

Wow. You put Abraham in understandable English!! What a blessing!! I WANT YOUR BOOK!!!! I am thinking about it rapidly but lovingly being produced and distributed and I get one of the first printings. – Joni Blumstein

Amazing again ER!!! I sometimes feel you are writing what I have been thinking and feeling. – Laurie Kendzulak

You give reality to my emotions and inner knowing. – Alethea Lobo

Tasty treats to align one’s soul to today’s true beat … one woman’s wisdom echoing millions of hearts. – Lara Ackroyd (Creator/Owner at ALLism Alternatives)

Whenever I enter the illusion of low energy or depleted magnificence, I just read a few words, look at your photo and my energy is increased … You are a miracle worker Elizabeth. xxx much love – Carol Finlayson (Carol Finlayson Coaching)

If this isn’t an answer to my prayer this morning … Thank you. CONFESSION #281, I put on my desktop. – Judy Morgan

ER please continue writing your confessions … they help all of us to move ahead in life with a positive frame of mind … they multiply joy and subtract worries! – Raushni Srivastava (Actor)

These words are like a prayer. Their effect is invigorating. – Ravie Kathuria (Writer/Director)

I always look forward to reading your words. They make me, reconstruct me, shape me, re arrange me … They make me a better person! Thank you so much. I bless you with love … – Jo-anne Mmela (Director at MMELA ATTORNEYS)

Best Advice I’ve ever received! Thanks Elizabeth! – Di Davis

Thank you for your confessions. I chuckle and enjoy the twists and turns. I know that you are not seeking approval and this is not so much of that, as it is appreciation of your contribution :^) – Richard Morgan (Strategic Results Coach at Alpha Results Coaching)

These are profound. Thank you for offering them. In gratitude, and with many blessings. – Mary Jones

Thank you … I enjoy reading your wise words, and this really resonates with me. I use it to remind myself to keep up faith when times get difficult … – Marion Yee

Each one of them is a divine seed of wisdom. – Niranjan Ashok Mallapur

I really enjoy reading your confessions! Sometimes they are just what I need to find insight. – Shawn Maskel

Elizabeth oozes Grace, Love & Freedom! She can’t help it! Get connected NOW so that you too can experience all of her Amazing, Uplifting, People Empowering Insight! – Carolee Dalton (Happiness Coach)

Some times I swear this woman is inside my very soul, calling forth the truth before I know it! – Shanti Zimmermann (Life Coach)

You make such a difference in this world. Love and light! – Patrick Carney (Artist)

Your writings have been inspiring and helped me through some tough times. Thank you. – Jaclyn Bain (Certified FC Facilitator at Family Constellation and Emotional Mastery)

I have been quite an emotional person till now and people fighting with me was never my arena, but it all changed with all the wonderful things you write! I know I am babbling now but its just that I am very thankful to you dear friend … keep writing and sharing your wisdom with us always … God bless YOU. – Hina V Chaudhary

Elizabeth u r a gift!! – David Chinedu Agbo (Mind, Emotions & Wellness Coach/Therapist at Empowered Ways & Solutions)

ER I read your valuable confessions daily and they are nutritious food for my soul … indeed you are a blessing for me sweetheart. – Raushni Srivastava (Actor)

This makes me realize I’m off the right track with a couple of things. Thank you Elizabeth for this very timely post. I will set off in a new direction now and bring happiness to my heart, as it should be. You are a very wise lady and I appreciate you! – Paulette Collins (Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Technician)

These 500 Confessions have been a great inspirational source for me. – Sutra Dewi Haruni

You are Poetry in Motion! I Love the freedom and Power you bring to others just by being you! – Carolee Dalton (Happiness Coach)

OMG, I worked with my meditative board of directors yesterday and cannot believe I didn’t have you in the room. You, whom I borrow daily from. Adding you to at the head of the table now! Thank you ER for always showing up in all your wisdom. – Kimberlee Carter (Owner/Partner at On the Level Contracting & Design)

You’re good for my soul! MAUH! -– April Leigh (Self Employed)

I always look forward to reading your confessions during the day. Your confessions have helped me to keep positive, strong and to stay true to myself. Thank you my dear friend! – Michelle Niese Hinshaw Steen