Tips To Make Life Easier $2.99


TIPS TO MAKE LIFE EASIER – living well, letting life flow, lightening up, laughing more, loving with all your heart!

Another Book Has Been Born

But you don’t need it!
You just need a willingness to feel better than you did before.
Life isn’t meant to be so serious!
It’s meant to be great fun.
There’s nothing here that you don’t already know!
The words in this book will just remind you of it.
You have everything you need!
It’s all inside you now.
It isn’t going to change your life!
Only you can do that!

But if something about it feels good, if something about it brings relief, if something about it seems right for you – then so it is!

This Great Little Book Is Available Exclusively on Amazon For Only $2.99!


Here’s A Snippet of What Other People Are Saying:

That is one of the best things I have ever read in my entire 60 years of life. Thank you. – Bneta Davido

I really love your one liners ER … they are wisdom in nutshells! – Vandana Singh

Many of your tips have been food for my soul. They’ve only created more Life and to enable me to create. I’m on my next adventure forward. It is Powerful, Amazing – Life is Easy and Gives me what I BElieve and Expect. Appreciate you heaps. – Dawn Schale

Your wonderful words help me to stay on track. – Gérald Arbour

Thank you. I really needed to read from your wisdom again. A lot of people have been pulling on me in different directions and it had an effect. I am truly grateful you showed up and reminded me of who I am and why I am who I am and how much I love my self for “Being” me. – Forrest Duckson

I’m trying to change me. These words of wisdom help so much. – Joanne Miller Turinese

You make difficult things very easy to understand and to do. ER. I love your tips. – Shaukat Charania